Friendship with no boundaries: A sponsorship story

In France, a sponsor is called parrain/marrain (godfather/godmother) and Julien is one of these people who are truly living as one. Like a relative thrilled to see his loved ones back home, he travelled 6,910 miles to meet Jories, his sponsored child. This 2016, Jories and his family felt the spirit of Christmas arrive as early as November the moment Julien reached their doorstep.

It was in January 2015, when this beautiful friendship started. Julien has been generously supporting Jories’ education since then. In return, Jories sends his love and gratitude through photos and hand-made letters. Aside from these, he returns the favor by doing his best. Virlanie makes sure that Jories’ improvements, big and small, are seen by Julien through the progress report and school card sent annually. This way, they have kept a close bond despite the distance and cultural differences.

For Jories and his family, Julien’s sponsorship has been one of the best gifts they have received. Jories’ family lives in one of the depressed communities supported by Virlanie Foundation in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City. His parents earn a living through selling fruits and scavenging. While they are both hardworking, their income is unstable, and not enough to cover their family’s basic needs. Julien’s kindness will definitely serve as a bridge to better opportunities.

The good thing about friendship is that it goes both ways. When Julien met Jories, he also learned and earned something worth bringing back to France. It was such an eventful day for the two. The family welcomed him in their own home with the supervision of the social worker. Julien also met his brother and parents. The family then toured him around the community. After the tour, they went to the nearest mall and ate pizza. According to Julien, when he asked Jories what kind of food he wanted to eat, he immediately said, “Pizza!” He was surprised to know that Jories had never eaten one before. He was so happy that they shared this amazing experience together. These are little things that meant a lot to both of them.

Julien shared, “I will remember all of the moments I have spent here in Manila for all my life! On top of that, I feel even more energized and enthusiastic to do small actions here (France).”

Julien and Jories share a bond that lasts forever—friendship. You can also build one through our sponsorship program. Kindly email us at [email protected] or you may call us at 895-5260.