Father’s Day Special: An Interview with Papa Gerry and Papa Edmund

In the homes of the residential pillar, house fathers help house mothers in raising up Virlanie kids, and giving them the love and attention, they deserve!

Papa Gerry, and Papa Edmund agreed to answer a few questions on their work, and their everyday effort to guide the children in their paths to growing up.

When asked about how his work in Virlanie as a house father was, , Papa Edmund answered that his outlook on life had changed because of Virlanie: “I saw how hard it is to become a father and since I’m not a father yet,  I really try my best to show these kids the values they should have.”

Papa Edmund works in Ella Yallah Home, with 12 teenage boys from 13 to 18 years old. As the boys in Ella Yallah home are becoming adults, it is one of the challenges of Papa Edmund to teach them responsibility and duty: “I make sure that they know the importance of honoring their word. I tell them to always commit to their promises and always be honest. For example, they have to be home at the time that they said they would be home.”

In Aime Home, Papa Gerry takes care of 23 kids with special needs. “I’ve been a house father for 13 years and a lot has changed, I even met my wife here. My experiences here in Virlanie has taught me a lot, I try to apply what I learned here to my daughter whom we suspect might have special needs as well,” he explains. When asked about his Aime Home kids, “I have learned to love these kids as well.”

As a father figure, Papa Gerry wants to teach values to his children. He is a figure of authority in the house, as well as a loved staff member: “I appreciate anything they do to show their love even in the smallest ways. I really grew in Virlanie.”

We warmly thank all our fathers for the tremendous work they do every day.

And once again, Happy Father’s Day!