FAITH PROJECT: Agricultural prospects for young adults with disabilities living in Aime and Jade Home

Virlanie Foundation has two specific homes that welcome children with disabilities – Aime Home (Makati) and Jade Home (Cavite). In the Philippines, people with disabilities are very often rejected by the community, thus making it difficult for these children to open doors of independence.


FAITH PROJECT was born out of the need and desire to actively contribute to improving the lives of young adults with disabilities in the Philippines. It aims to create an agricultural community offering an environment conducive to the development of young adults with disabilities, in a farm that follows the principles of organic agriculture and permaculture in Negros Island.

Thirty-one young adults with disabilities will participate in the FAITH PROJECT. They will receive training in organic farming, permaculture, and cooking. In parallel, a more traditional education will continue with courses in math, reading, and writing. They will also be accompanied to become increasingly autonomous in household chores and managing the home. The idea is to guide the young adults with disabilities to experience autonomy for themselves..

FAITH PROJECT engages in the path of sustainable development through by considering the impacts of climate change and other environmental issues. Thus, the community tends to food self-sufficiency by producing its organic food for healthier dietary behaviors. It also produces its own energy through solar and wind power. The community will be designed to follow the principles of green-building.

Addressing these environmental concerns will allow the community to gradually reduce its dependence on external financing. Income-generating activities will also be mounted through:

  • a shop where the products of the farm will be sold, including organic coffee.
  • a center where interested parties can rent meeting rooms, and
  • a restaurant where simple dishes are offered from the produce of the farm.

These will be prepared by the young adults themselves with the support of volunteers and a cook.

These open public spaces are also intended to encourage interaction between young adult beneficiaries and the public, to strengthen ties and showcase the dignity and reintegration of people who are normally rejected by society.

If you want to know more about the FAITH PROJECT and how to support these young adults with disabilities, you can contact the Coordinator at [email protected]