Employee’s Testimonials on How they Give Importance to Children’s Health

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unexpected circumstance that leads to disruptions of the daily lives of everyone, and it brought extraordinarily high risk to our health and well-being.

More than anything else, the health and safety of the children are important to us. Here’s what some of the Virlanie Health Staff have to say in making sure that we give importance to the health of the children especially during this pandemic.

Tita Luisa, Masaya Home’s Cook

“As Virlanie’s Masaya Home cook, I make sure that the meals that I prepare for the kids are nutritious foods. I always follow the menu which usually includes vegetables. We also make sure that the kids were regularly taking their vitamins, which is very important.

Thankfully, these kids are all in good shape, and no one gets ill. The nutritious foods that we prepare plays a big part in why they are healthy.”

Valerie Ann, Psychology Lead

“As a psychologist, I do my best to give the children the appropriate psychological intervention they need. I also advocate for their needs and rights as children. When I interact or talk to them, I try to be open, empathetic, and non-judgmental in my approach to give them a safe environment wherein they can feel safe to be themselves. Through that approach, I hope to help them in facilitating their healing and growth process.”

Nurse Alma, Virlanie’s Residential Nurse

“As a nurse, I give importance to the children’s health by providing them with the proper nutrition, teaching them proper hygiene and ways to avoid getting sick, and reinforcing preventive actions. Above all, it is necessary to give them the right medication, and sincere care whenever they get sick.

It’s not only with the physical aspect, we also support the mental and emotional health of the kids.”

Teacher Ella, Occupational Therapist

“As an Occupational Therapist, I give importance to the health of every child I am handling by focusing on their wellness, improving their ability to function, and supporting them to achieve their functional independence they needed to perform in their activities of daily living. I do engage them in play and purposeful activities to overcome every barrier that prevents them from doing the activities/occupations that matter to them and help them perform well in school and at home. Their ability to perform everyday occupations will have a positive effect on their health and well-being.”

While COVID-19 has brought significant health challenges, YOU can help in fostering a supportive environment, and in protecting and providing the children’s total well-being during this crisis.