DTCC Cares’ Virtual Social Engagement with Virlanie

Do you miss bonding with your friends? How about doing volunteer works? We all sure do! 

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, we may not be able to do all the things that we usually do, but technology became an effective tool in bringing us together. 

In Virlanie, we have temporarily paused physical social engagement with the kids, in line with the mandate not to have social gatherings, but we believe, learning and fun should not stop! We are offering Virtual Social Engagement so the children could still interact with their supporters, still being safe in our Virlanie homes.

Last October 2, (DTCC) Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, virtually met with Masaya Home kids. 

DTCC has been a consistent supporter of Virlanie. 

In the past year, Virlanie Masaya Home kids were invited to attend their Family Day. The kids, along with the house parents visited their office for a fun and engaging day! Each kid was accompanied by one volunteer to go round for a trick-or-treat, and where they also bonded and got to know each other. They truly enjoyed it, and I can still recall the smiles on their faces. What an awesome memory to reminisce! 

This year, it might be different as we cannot see each other physically, but the care and love could still be felt. 

DTCC held 2 Virtual Social Engagement sessions. The first activity was held last October 2. They tackled Covid–Awareness with the Masaya Home kids, followed by an art activity where they did an origami. The kids were taught how to make paper hearts, and they later had a short but meaningful discussion about love. 

The second Virtual Social Engagement happened on October 30. The focus of this activity is educating the children about recycling. They had fun info and a game show on recycling, followed by an art activity where they recycled and turned an empty water bottle into a very useful and adorable pencil holder. 

The virtual activities with DTCC were truly entertaining and educational.  Not only did the kids enjoy, but they surely learned something purposeful from the short time that we were virtually together. 

To our friends in DTCC, thank you very much for your continuous support! We are looking to see you all again soon! 

We are also inviting you to do a Virtual Social Engagement with the Virlanie kids!