Chasing dreams: MLC Recognition Day

Children in their best attires, excitedly walked from their respective homes to Makati Coliseum on that eventful day of April 4. It was the event when Magellan Learning Center (MLC) students’ academic improvement was recognized. MLC is one of Virlanie’s support services that aim to answer the educational gaps of the children.

Themed as “Patuloy ang Pangarap (Continue your dreams),” the Recognition Day celebrated the children’s accomplishments over the year, teachers and volunteers who are involved in MLC. One hundred students were recognized at the ceremony. Proud and confident, the children, along with their honored house parents, went up the stage to claim their certificates and medals. They also happily performed special numbers to show their gratitude to the people who supported them.

Nika Hauser, a former beneficiary of Virlanie who graduated from college last year, shared an inspirational message to the children. She reminded the children of the importance of going to school and advised them to go and chase their dreams, “Study well, and don’t waste all the support that you’re getting from Virlanie. Take all the chances that you get. Never forget all the people who helped you. Always look back to where you came from.” Nika is now living with her adoptive parents in Chicago Illinois. However, from time to time, she visits the Philippines and Virlanie.

Since Virlanie caters to children who were previously from the streets and had developmental delays, MLC aims to answer to each child’s educational needs by:


1. Preparing the children who never went to school to enter the formal education system; and

2. Reinforcing formal school education by supporting children to overcome academic difficulties

By conducting a Recognition Day, Virlanie hopes to remind its MLC students the value of education and with determination and meaningful opportunities, all their dreams are within reach.

If you would like to support this program, or want to learn more information about it, kindly email [email protected]