Christmas only happens once a year. Despite the pandemic, you can still spread Christmas cheer by becoming a Santa and fulfilling a Virlanie child's wishlist!

What is A Virlanie Christmas?

A Virlanie Christmas is a yearly celebration of gift giving, hope and granting wishes to our dear Virlanie children!

The pandemic should not keep us from giving the best Christmas experience to our kids. You can make it a magical one for them by becoming their Santa!

Our beneficiaries have put together their wishlist for this year. Contact us now so we can help you get ready to be a Santa who makes their Christmas wishes come true.

You may also contribute to our crowdfunding on Gava or shop for gift vouchers on Shopee or Lazada.

Would you rather shop for them online?

Our digital Christmas Vouchers are now available on Shopee and Lazada!

Give a child a Christmas aguinaldo, a fun toy, or a set of new clothes.

You can also give a street family a grocery pack for Noche Buena, or fund a Christmas Party for a Virlanie Home.

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Addressing the inequalities that prevent children from accessing information, technology, and career opportunities.

Providing aaccess to basic health and nutrition, as well as psycho-social services, for optimum well-being

Making rice available to children and their families who don’t have access to this food staple and a complete daily meal

Ask about our beneficiaries' wishlist!

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