Support a child's health and well-being

When survival is more important than optimum health, their physical, mental, and emotional well-being are often compromised.

What is Operation Kalinga?

These children deserve access to basic health and nutrition, as well as psycho-social services. With your active participation and support, we can make it possible for them by providing:

1. Pre-emptive care – A healthy diet and environment
2. Health maintenance – Regular dental and medical check-up as well as psychological sessions for mental health
3. Emergency Medical Response – for urgent health concerns

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Give the child an access to basic needs and health assistance.

Help them improve their well-being through your support.

WE Rise Up, WE Raise Hope: A Rice Campaign Challenge

According to UNICEF child survival study (2014), 95 children in the Philippines die from malnutrition every day.  This is due to inequality of access to nutritious food, long period of hunger, and a lack of nutrition. Rice is primary source of carbohydrates that provide nutrients and energy needed by the body. Absence of rice in their diet could also be the reason why children experience malnutrition given the result of pandemic and continuous price increase. 

This year ‘s Operation Kalinga rice up campaign theme, We rise up, We raise hope. The rice up campaign challenge provides you with the opportunity to strengthen the children’s bodies and minds so that they are not susceptible to disease and they can achieve their life goals.

Help us reach 2023 sacks of rice this year through monetary or in-kind donation. You can also organize corporate initiatives such as a donation drive. Participating in the Rice Campaign gives children hope for a healthier future.

For more information about rice campaign donation. Please email Ms. Czarina Allen Santos at [email protected]g.

Join and Accept the Challenge to help children hope for a healthier future!

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