Campaign: Rice Up!

We re-launched the Rice Up! Campaign on October 2013 with our aim of raising 600 sacks of rice which our children may consume for the coming year 2014. Since the re-launch, we were able to collect monetary donations amounting to Php. 177,000 (enough to buy 98 sacks 50kg rice) and in-kind donations of 89 sacks of 50kg rice, making it 187 sacks as of today.

We understand that the nation’s priority right now is to help the affected areas recuperate from the tragedy that recently struck the Visayas area. Which is why we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to those who are still helping Virlanie in our never-ending efforts to look after street children. Our team is exerting extra efforts right now so your donations are very much appreciated and will surely be used properly.

The Rice Up! Campaign is still ongoing and we are open for any amount of donation you wish to bring to our kids. We hope you can help us with our goal of feeding our children and giving back their smiles especially this Christmas season. You may click here for donations or contact Erin through [email protected] for more information on how you can help us provide our children with rice to consume next year.

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