Bi-annual SIBUHI Piano Recital

The SIBUHI Center (Sining, Buhay, Hilom translated as Art, Life, Healing), organized its bi-annual recital last February 18 to showcase the musical talents of its students and to show their progress made under the tutelage of Roxane the volunteer piano teacher.

The event started with an introduction from Jeanne, Virlanie’s volunteer coordinator, expressing gratitude for the people who came and to Roxane for her time and patience in sharing her skills with the children.

Sibuhi students were excited and proud to perform the songs they worked on for 6 months in front of an audience which gladly participated in sing-alongs to encourage the children during their performance.

Roxane, the music teacher, was so proud of her students and spoke fondly about the times she had teaching them.

“Even though we only had 30 minutes lessons every time with the kids, I feel like they have made so much progress, I am deeply proud of them and what they achieved today.”

Music and piano lessons made the children more in tune with their creative side and improved their capacity to focus. Through music as a form of therapy, kids suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), for example, have shown that they are capable of achieving greatness by applying themselves in learning the piano.

The Staff, friends, Virlanie supporters applauded and cheered on the different performances.

The Recital ended with a speech from teacher Roxane as it was also her last days as Piano teacher at SIBUHI. She was really moved and expressed her gratitude for the moments spent with the children and the staff at Virlanie.

We warmly thank Roxane for her time and for the passion that she shared during the past 6 months with her students who have learned so much thanks to her.