3M visits Virlanie and conducts employee trainings for its 3M Impact Program

From February 25 to March 8, 2019, 3M, a longtime partner of Virlanie, visited Virlanie’s residential homes and communities, and provided trainings to house parents and accounting staff for its 3M Impact Program.


The two-week impact assignment is a global pro bono program that offers enriching opportunities for 3M employees across the globe to work with institutions and create a positive economic or social impact within the community. For 2019, 3M chose Virlanie as its beneficiary.


The scope of the program was to work with Virlanie’s Finance Department in developing a long term strategic financial plan and optimizing its financial processes for the delivery of more timely and accurate financial reports.


For this reason, 3M conducted trainings on digitalization of accounting processes and use of Microsoft Excel with Virlanie house parents and accounting staff.


To better understand Virlanie’s programs and its processes, they also visited the residential homes, as well as our partner communities in Quiapo and Delpan, Manila.


Virlanie recognizes the importance of improving its processes to provide better services for children. With the support and competency shared by 3M, Virlanie was able to: (1) optimize its financial processes to improve financial reporting timeliness and accuracy and (2) develop a sustainable 10-year financial plan with prioritization scheme implementing financial strategy.