10th Magellan Learning Center Recognition Day

Virlanie Foundation celebrated the hard work of the students, teachers, and volunteers who are involved in the Magellan Learning Center (MLC), one of Virlanie’s support services that aim to answer the educational gaps of its students.

Last March 23, 2016, all enrolled students were given a proper recognition on stage to commemorate their hard work before the next school semester. Dominique Lemay (President & Founder), Laurent Goirand (Vice President), and Arlyne Fernandez (Executive Deputy Directory) were present during this recognition to award not only the students, but also to give honor to the teachers and the volunteers who tirelessly give their time and effort for the progression and improvement of the kids’ academic performance.

Children who live in Virlanie’s homes have access to the educational support services offered through the Magellan Learning Center. Since Virlanie looks after children who are in need of special protection, Magellan Learning Center’s objectives are two-fold:

1. To prepare the children who never went to school to enter the formal education system; and

2. To reinforce formal school education by supporting children to overcome academic difficulties

Magellan Learning Center helps around 120 children annually. By conducting a Recognition Day, Virlanie hopes to remind its students that through hardwork and a solid grounding in education, nothing is out of reach!

If you would like to support this program, or want to learn more information about it, kindly email [email protected]