Work of heART: SiBuHi year-end art exhibit

Virlanie SiBuHi conducted an art exhibit last December 17, to recognize the visual artistic talents of the kids and young adults under Virlanie’s care. It is hoped that through this exhibit, they will be encouraged to create more meaningful pieces to express themselves.

Created in 1997, SiBuHi provides a safe and child-friendly venue for children to freely express their feelings, emotions and experiences artistically and creatively. Through visual arts (painting, art & crafts, etc.), sports (baseball, soccer, badminton, basketball, etc.), or music (choir, piano lessons, etc.), the children discover and develop their talents. These activities reinforce the children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.


Dolly Alejandro, the SiBuHi Coordinator said, “This art exhibit showcases the best art works made by Virlanie kids throughout the year. This is one way for us to show our appreciation to them, so their confidence will be boosted.”

The art exhibit has been a display of various artworks made using different media—water color, color pencils, oil pastels, mixed media and ink, among others. Jeffrey, 17, is one of the most active participants in the art exhibit. He said, “I’m happy that this exhibit happened because maybe through this, more people would appreciate our creations, even those of my friends’ artworks.” When asked what his favorite art work was, he mentioned the sketches of basketball stars. “When I published my basketball star artworks, a lot of people contacted me, so I can make sketches of them. That’s where I learned that I can use art to earn a living,” Jeffrey said.

Because of your support, Jeffrey along with other kids can realize their talents and skills, achieve their dreams and even advocate for children’s rights through their art masterpieces.

See all photos taken from the exhibit here: