Virlanie’s young adults choose their leaders

To help its young adults prepare for the future, Virlanie Foundation under the Independent Living Program (ILP), regularly organizes various workshops to train the youth.


One of the recent initiatives was to launch an election to choose the leaders of this group of children. The goals were to develop their leadership skills and to involve them in civic activities. The young adults were gathered to define the characteristics of the leaders as well as their respective tasks. Two parties were created, each one having its own electoral platforms and proposed activities. The candidates were given a week to prepare for an election campaign and present their programs to the head office and the different Homes.

Before the election itself, the candidates attended a workshop to define expectations according to the different positions. The election day, which fell on the 31st of August, was organized by three beneficiaries of the ILP program, who are now college students.


The day began with the presentation of the candidates, their missions and visions for all the young adults, including those in the Family Program and the Mobile Unit, the children of Tanglaw Home, Elizabeth Home, and Ella Yallah Home. The audience then had the opportunity to question the candidates on their individual programs before the actual voting was done. Voting closed at 1:00 p.m. then the counting was done publicly.


Virlanie Foundation congratulates the elected leaders and wishes them good luck with the many tasks ahead.


Photos by: Faidah Cayongcat, ILP coordinator