Virlanie's "The Rising Youth" at the Consultation with Children on the Positive Discipline Bill

Last September 24, 2022, The Rising Youth (TRY), a Virlanie-youth led organization attended the consultation with children on the Positive Discipline Bill. This was organized by the Save the Children.

Positive Discipline Bill is an advocacy bill that bans several violent forms of discipline against children. These include extreme physical abuse, forcing children to kneel on salt or monggo seeds and striking the child on “no-strike zones” from the head to the shoulder. The bill was first introduced in 2008 and has been debated in the Congress since 2012. 


The objective of the consultation were as follows:

1. To provide an opportunity for children to share their perspectives, comments, and inputs on
the salient provisions of the Positive Discipline Bill 

2. To give recommendations on what should be included in the Positive Discipline Bill 

3. To ask children how they want to be involved in the Positive Discipline advocacy


Four TRY members represented Virlanie Foundation namely: Romelyn, Mhinam, Melvin B. and Melvin S. All of them were first time to join this kind of activity but they actively participated and shared their inputs. Through this experience, they pledged to join upcoming advocacy activities.

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