Virlanie’s First Virtual Social Engagement

The pandemic has brought challenges for each of us, but one of these challenges that has a huge impact is the way we interact and socialize with each other.

The Virlanie children in our residential homes really enjoy socializing with their supporters. Looking back, they were always excited for the weekends, as they knew that their visitors would come. A lot of things have changed when the pandemic struck.

But as always, the health and safety of the kids are our top priority, hence we temporarily paused physical social engagement with the kids. It was also in line with the mandate not to have social gatherings.

And thanks to the advancement of technology, we are still being brought closer together. It might have changed the way we interact, but it also provides the platform upon which we can continuously bond with one another. 

ServiceSource Philippines, a leader in outsourced, performance-based B2B growth solutions, has been a consistent supporter of Virlanie, and was one of the pioneers to pilot run and conduct the Visual Social Engagement., They visually met the Masaya Home kids.

Spearheaded by Ms. Joan Kathryn Sarte, HR Business Partner of ServiceSource Philippines, there will be series of Virtual Social Engagement to be conducted by their organization. They have also sent donations and food packs for the kids.

The first to try the Virtual Social Engagement were the volunteers from their Recruitment Team. Ms. Eira Marie Jarilla lead the first group, where they all have the participation in each activity.

Living by their company’s core values, their Sourcers from Manila gave back to the local community by participating it the Virtual Social Engagement.

They have prepared engaging activities for the kids, and everyone participated. It started with a prayer and praise activity and followed by an online getting to know where they introduced themselves to each other. What’s more exciting is they all have to showcase their talents! Masaya Home kids are always prepared. The kids are really into it, as they will be receiving prizes for the best introduction and best talent. The stage was theirs, and no one can stop them in showing their moves and singing the songs that they love.

They also played games, and did an art activity where they drew self-portraits of what they want to be when they grow up. This art activity made them realize their dreams and ambitions again, and that nothing, not even this crisis could stop them to aspire for a brighter tomorrow.

The activity was closed with a special dance number prepared by the kids for their ates and kuyas. We waved our temporary goodbyes and are looking forward to meeting each other face-to-face once the situation gets better.

Here are the testimonials from the volunteers:

Truly, we agree that the learning and communication with one another should not stop, and that we could still make the best out of the time while we all need to stay at home.

We are grateful to the volunteers who allotted their time for the kids! Although they have been only seeing you in the screen, the love and care were still felt by the kids.

The current situation will not stop the children to learn, to enjoy their youth, and interact with their supporters, still being safe at our Virlanie homes.

 We hope you could participate in this activity that will be beneficial for both the volunteers and the kids.

 Invite your friends, officemates, and family members, and together, let us bring back the smiles to the street children!