Virlanie Virtual Recognition Day 2022

It has been an annual tradition for Virlanie Foundation to recognize the effort and hard work of the children each school year.

Last, July 29, 2022, Virlanie’s education services organized a Virtual Recognition Day in 6 residential homes. Each child was given a framed school year photo, gifts and treats from our generous donors.

Also, Virlanie’s Street Program facilitated their recognition day with our Street beneficiaries last August 27, 2022. This was headed by Ms. Marie Francoise Michel, Program Lead of Mobile Unit in cooperation with our partners, BNI Fierce and H2V2 PArty Needs and Catering Services.

Here are some of the stories and achievements of Virlanie beneficiaries for school year 2021-2022. 

Princess from Elizabeth Home, is a consistent honor student at La Paz Elementary School. She loves to join in school activities like science fair and others. Moreover, she does not only excel academically but at the same time, in her attitude and behavior. Princess is an autonomous learner and she’s always willing to lend a hand to her Elizabeth siblings when they need help particularly at school. 

She was in grade 4 when she came to Virlanie. Since then, Princess’ improvement from an outspoken and shy type of girl turn to a great, diligent and responsible young lady. She is now Grade 7 this coming school year. 

Axel from Ella Yallah Home, is an Alternative Learning System or ALS completer at La Paz Elementary School. He came to Virlanie in 2019. At that time, it was difficult for him to read and spell. Usually, all he can read are Filipino (Tagalog) words but with difficulties. In English, he can only read CVC. For spelling, Teachers need to split into syllables so he can do better. He used to struggle in Math. Moreover, he had short attention span, out of focus and easily distracted. So, its more difficult for him to learn and catch up.  Furthermore, he also doesn’t want to see or know his weaknesses.

Currently, Axel’s improvement is huge and he is now good in reading, spelling, math with great change in his behavior. He can accept his weaknesses and willing to learn more.  He is an incoming Grade 7 (regular class) this school year.

Asshiana, from Street program, is fourteen years old and has been in her auntie’s custody with one of her four siblings for years now. She started schooling at the age of 6 and dropped out for 2 years due to major family problems. However, she persevered and did all she could to pursue her studies with the precious help of her auntie. As she found difficulties to cope with distance learning modes, she joined tutorials at the Mobile Unit and never balked at her performance tasks, even the most complex ones. She got perfect attendance and even stayed overtime to complete all her tasks. She graduated in Elementary School in July 2022 and is now ready for her journey as a High School student!

Gieran Picardal is a nine-year-old boy from Aroma, Tondo. He and his eldest sister have been beneficiaries of the Mobile Unit since December 2020. When they joined the project, they had never been to school and had no basics in reading or writing. Gieran attended street education sessions but had poor socialization skills, no focus and tended to bully his peers. He didn’t respect authority much either. In September 2021, his mother, with the support of the team, enrolled him in Kindergarten at General Vicente Lim Elementary School under the modular mode. Gieran also attended reading sessions three times a week with the Mobile Unit. Over the months, he showed a lot of progress. His attitude towards his peers improved and the team could give him responsibilities that he took seriously. With the help of his mother, he managed to submit all the modules in due time to his teacher. He graduated in Kindergarten in July. He is now eligible for Grade 1 and his major asset will be his good reading basic skills!

Angeline Masacarte is one of those little children in Payatas playing around the garbage site way back in 2000 after the mountainous garbage collapsed. Her family also was one of those fortunate families given chance for the Balik Probinsya Project of the Virlanie Foundation in 2007. They went back to Samar through this project with hopes to have a decent house, livelihood, and educational support. Her mother was then a scavenger in Payatas and then in Samar, she started a small business selling Coco Vinegar and cooking homemade snacks. Through hard work, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology at Northwestern Samar State University in May 2022 and hopes to take the licensure exam in December. Accordingly, she would not finish her dream course without Virlanie because life in the province is difficult without a stable job and my mother who is very hardworking.

According to Angeline, “ One day, I will be the breadwinner of our family and a better version of myself, a future working with the Bureau of Fire Protection professionally my ever dream since I was a kid”. Thank you so much Virlanie and to my sponsor.