Virlanie Sports Fest 2017

Virlanie believes that in order to bring the best service for the children, its staff has to be strongly bonded and connected.


On October 13, 2017, all Virlanie staff gathered in Carmona covered court for a day of games and bonding. Virlanie Sports Fest is Virlanie’s annual Olympic games, a part of the HR-led series of team building events on the theme “Staying strong, Staying connected.”


Divided in 4 teams named with a reference Virlanie’s 25th anniversary theme Silverlinings, our employees and volunteers, office workers and house staff spent a whole day competing in a fun and joyful atmosphere. The teams were Silver Hearts, Silver Sharks, Silver as One and Silver Bells.

After the opening ceremony including team’s parade and opening remarks from Mr. Thomas Mouliac (Executive Director), the Olympic torch has been lit and it was time to let the battle begin!

After a quick Zumba warm-up, each team performed its own cheer dance routine. Each team trained after working hours a week before the actual event. Home-made costumes, inspired taglines, amazing cheerleading dances and strong team spirit were the results of that daily practice.

The morning was dedicated to various relay and collective games. Among others, games such ashula hoop, jumping rope, eggs catching, balloon battle and “eat all what you can” were played.

The afternoon games were composed of basketball shootout, dribbling relay and basket and volleyball match.

At the end of the day, after computing each team’s score, the Silver Hearts won the first place, followed by Silver as One, Silver Sharks and Silver Bells.

Whatever their ranking ended to be, everyone enjoyed that day of bonding and fun.