Virlanie SPED Day 2023: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

According to the Department of Social Welfare and Development, there is an estimated 60% of Filipino children with disabilities were out of school in 2019. It was also cited in 2020 survey of the Council for the Welfare of Children Sub-Committee on Children with Disabilities that the inability to access education services and learning resources was one of the major concerns.

At Virlanie Foundation, we are continuously helping the government in addressing this challenging issue through our Education Services – a supplemental program designed to be inclusive, offering tailor-fit educational assistance to all children under our care encompassing both formal and informal education.

To further strengthen this inclusive advocacy, Virlanie conducted a “SPECIAL EDUCATION (SPED) DAY” with the theme: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion last February 24, 2023. The event aims to promote disability awareness and remove the stigma and discrimination against children with special needs.

It was a day full of learning both to the children with disabilities, Virlanie staff and visitors. Children were taught to cook and bake in the morning. All cooked food and baked goodies were sold to the staff and visitors for them to experience selling and to help improve their communication skills.  

In the afternoon, they had an art therapy session conducted by the Singa Ship Management Phils. Inc.

Lastly, the children showcased their talent through arts, dancing and singing.  They also did their finale performance with the song “This is me”.

Indeed, the event was a success as Virlanie Foundation was able to show that people with disabilities are just as capable in many aspects as those without disability. With more awareness comes the opportunity for a more accessible and equal world! 

Watch the event video coverage below: 

Also, we would like to thank all our event sponsors. This won’t be possible without your support.

  • Singa Ship Management Philippines, Inc.
  • Ms. Chie S.
  • Mr. Elmer A.