Virlanie Observes Nutrition Month

The Magellan Learning Center, together with the Foundation’s residential homes, recognized July as the National Nutrition Month. This event raises awareness among the children, and the Foundation’s staff members as well, that good food does not necessarily mean delicious. Good food is food that is nutritious for the body.

In observance of the Nutrition Month, the various Homes prepared their menu for every week as they consciously made sure that the children are served balanced meals every day. The children also visited a supermarket to familiarize themselves with the different fruits and vegetables, as well as the different food items that are good for them!

Healthy food can be affordable, contrary to some beliefs that healthy is more expensive. We just have to find time to consciously check what we put inside our body. Being healthy does not necessarily mean being lavish. This awareness is good practice for the children since it promotes wellness. After all, we are what we eat!

Photos from: SiBuHi Center