Virlanie joins Youth Inclusion Network to secure jobs for marginalized youth

“Finding a job is really difficult. I have tried applying for fast food chains, because their requirements are less tedious than other companies,” says Jomari, 19, a Virlanie Foundation, Inc. young adult who initially wanted to become an office staff, but decided to apply in a fast food chain after several companies rejected him.

To help young adults like Jomari, Virlanie joins the Youth Inclusion Network (YIN) so they become self-reliant, productive, and independent individuals through meaningful and secured job placement. YIN bridges organizations for youth like Virlanie to its member companies such as Microsoft, Globe, and Deutsche Bank to ensure successful youth inclusion.


Promoting inclusive employment

The Philippine population is relatively young, with below 24-year-olds consisting half of the population (Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), 2017). Despite the country’s rapid economic growth, it still faces high unemployment rate. Most youth find it hard to secure jobs, according to PSA. In an article called Filipino Youth School-to-Work Experience (2013), it is said that one in four Filipino youth were not in employment, education or training. PSA also reported in 2016 that 2.4 million unemployed people, 48.4% were in the 15–24 age group, 31.2% were high school graduates, and 21.4% were college graduates.

Because most of the children and youth supported by Virlanie came from the streets, they are subjected to social exclusion and negative social stigma. Added to the existing societal challenges on unemployment, this negative social stigma makes them even less likely to be employed. With Virlanie and YIN partnership, the youth will be given opportunities to uplift their lives through better and accessible job opportunities.

Launched in 2016, YIN is a Life Project 4 Youth’s (LP4Y) network of companies and organizations like Virlanie, that works on finding best solutions to help socially excluded youth.

Virlanie’s involvement in YIN signifies the organization’s belief that inclusive employment should become a standard for business. Being a member of the network gives Virlanie a chance to actively work with companies that can directly hire Virlanie youth. These companies are also willing to provide support through their corporate social responsibility activities and job preparedness trainings.


Providing job preparedness trainings


Virlanie commits itself in participating to YIN initiatives such as trainings, mock interviews, and company visits that will help the young adults prepare for their professional careers.

“We will share our experiences, pool our resources, and contribute our expertise, striving for these talented young adults to find their right place in the professional world. Thus, they will be able to hold their place of greater freedom in the world of tomorrow,” said Virlanie Executive Director, Thomas Mouliac.

Virlanie’s Independent Living Program helps our young adults prepare for independent living. It is done through mentoring, livelihood skills and professional trainings before and during their transition towards a responsible, productive, and self-sustaining life. With the partnership with YIN, the program can be strengthened, and the youth will soon realize their own skills and develop confidence in becoming independent professionals of the future. Virlanie’s involvement in YIN signifies the organization’s belief that inclusive employment should become a standard for business.



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