Virlanie Foundation’s EMpowering 4K Project participated by BPI

BPI employees with Virlanie Young Adults

In an inspiring collaboration, Virlanie Foundation’s Independent Living Program (ILP) has joined forces with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to support and uplift the lives of marginalized individuals through one of the activities of the 4K project, which stands for Kakayanan, Kabuhayan ng mga Kabataang may Kapansanan. It aims for young adults with disabilities to be included in our society by capacitating them in gardening, cooking & baking, housekeeping, and laundry which is guided by a module specially made for them. The 4K project is also sponsored by EMpower.

The baking course started last June 19, 2023, with lectures, and the actual baking was held last June 22, 2023, attended by the young adults with disabilities from Aime Home and Elizabeth Home. The actual baking was witnessed by the employees of BPI headed by their Area Business Director, Ms. Maribeth Raymundo. The young adults visited the BPI branch with the assistance of Ms. Jessica, the ILP Coordinator, Ms. Emily, the Training Services Coordinator, and Teacher Del, the Trainer, and delivered the freshly made cookies and macaroons to the bank employees in person.


According to the statements of Ms. Gen Astudillo, the team leader of the program from BPI, despite her initial thoughts about the general restrictions for children with disabilities, her experience was fulfilling and empowering having the ability to help and impact the young people’s lives. She stated, “It was fun working with them up close and personal.” Ms. Gen truly hopes that she left a significant effect on the young people and potentially utilize their new knowledge and skills to be self-reliant and successful.

On the other hand, two of the participants, described their experiences as fun and exciting since they were able to learn a lot and can sell their special hard-earned sweet snacks to earn funds to support the foundation, their families, and other homes as well. They also share their dreams of someday when they live independently from the foundation, it’ll be their turn to help and educate the next generation residents of the Elizabeth home.

This partnership serves as a shining example of the positive impact that can be achieved when organizations come together for a common cause, ultimately improving the lives of children, and strengthening communities. By providing technical skills training, the program sets its beneficiaries up for success in various industries and beyond.

Virlanie Young Adult Beneficiary

The Virlanie Foundation remains committed to empowering marginalized children and young adults by providing them with a path to a brighter future.

To know more about, Independent Living Program and how you can support this program, visit www.virlanie.org/sponsorship.