Virlanie Foundation celebrated World Mental Health Day!

In celebration of World Mental Health Day last October, Health Services team, in collaboration with the Independent Living Program (ILP), organized activities for the Residential Program beneficiaries. The theme of these activities was “Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority” and consisted of practicing and experiencing different self-care activities that will reinforce the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. They took place during three days in October with activities dedicated and adapted to each home and age group of the beneficiaries.

Last October 1, 2022, the beneficiaries of Babies & Toddlers Home and Masaya Home had games about emotions and did drawing activities.

On Sunday of October 9, the beneficiaries of Elizabeth and Ella Yallah Home had the opportunity to discover the practice of yoga and painting. At the same time, the children of Aime Home had activities related to emotions and art.

Jade Home was able to practice Zumba and other fun activities related to emotions last October 17.

All these activities have led our beneficiaries to reflect on the importance of taking care of ourselves, whether through sports, art or by understanding our emotions and feelings.

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