Virlanie Foundation celebrated National Children's Month 2022

In celebration of the National Children’s Month with the theme: “Kalusugan, Kaisipan at Kapakanan ng Bawat Bata ating tutukan!”, Virlanie Foundation conducted three events in coordination with the Education Services, Community Program and the Rising Youth under Independent Living Program.

Last November 26, 2022, Education Services team pull off a successful event in partnership with Infinity Sports International Inc. and Oracle Netsuite who conducted games, activities and donated prizes, giveaways and food for the kids. This was held at Virlanie Office and Ellah Yallah Home.

The Community Program team headed by Ms. Emma Solasco and with the help of S.M. Lazo Medical Clinic, Inc., Good Neighbors Philippines, Eye Hear Foundation and Quezon City Health Department provided a Medical Mission at Humanity Covered Court, Bagong Silangan last November 26, 2022. The event aims to detect any disability from the children and provide immediate care. The staff and therapists of the QC Kabahagi Center delivered various services such as free disability screening, dental screening, ear and hearing test, free eye check-up and providing various vitamins, medicine and free glasses to the said community reaching more than 200 children.

With the strong belief of equal rights to children with disabilities and no children should not be left behind, the Rising Youth (TRY) Officers of Virlanie Foundation celebrated Children’s Month in Jade Home with Feed My Sheep Ministry. TRY officers were delighted to sing, dance, and play some sports together with the children of Jade Home. Indeed, every child is special and has the ability and talent that defines who they are. LET`S RISE TOGETHER AND BE THE VOICE FOR EVERY CHILD.


Credits to the photos from Infinity Sports International, Quezon City Government and The Rising Youth.