Virlanie Foundation celebrates Nutrition Month 2022

As a yearly tradition of Virlanie Foundation, the Education Services team organized a Nutrition Month celebration for the children to see the importance of nutrition to everyone. The team followed the Department of Health’s theme: New Normal na Nutrisyon, Sama-samang gawan ng Solusyon! It was conducted via online through Microsoft Teams. 

The program started with the doxology and Philippine National Anthem performed by Virlanie Voices. Then, it was followed by the Opening Remarks of our Executive Director, Ms. Arlyne A. Fernandez. 

An interactive Zumba session was led by Mr. Alvin Arnecilla, Sponsorship Officer from Resource Development Team. The Virlanie employees enjoyed both dancing and exercise activity in one. 

Ms. Alma Molina, Company Nurse from Health Services team shared health practices. She said, “To all children and parents we need to remember that we must strengthen the normal nutrition, unite towards the development of proper nutrition and against the COVID-19 disease”. 

The children on each residential homes prepared a dance number wearing their nutrition costumes. Then, the teachers of the education services surprised the audience with their own version of the dance number.

To cap-off the celebration, they showed the recorded cooking session of Chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou, an award winning chef and author of best-selling cookbooks together with the Virlanie children. Chef Tatung taught the children how to cook chicken sopas and toasted bread.