Virlanie Belgium

It is possible to support the actions of Virlanie Foundation directly from Belgium through a partnership with Enfance Tiers Monde/Kinderen Derde Wereld


For more information, please contact Johanna Van Damme

etm.kdw .brussels @ skynet.be

To volunteer in Manila

To sponsor a Virlanie child

To donate: You can make a bank transfer directly to Enfance Tiers Monde/Kinderen Derde Wereld with the contact information below stating “VIRLANIE” or contact Johanna [email protected]

Enfance Tiers Monde / Kinderen Derde Wereld

Place de l’Albertine 2

1000 Brussels



Mention: Virlanie


IBAN: BE57 0000 0399 9935


Tax exemption available for donations of € 40 or more.