#THEYMADEIT : A success story of Diane, aspiring to become a director broadcaster

Diane, 22 years old, has been a beneficiary of a Community Program for 10 years. She lives in the Barangay of Bagong Silangan, which is located in Quezon City’s 2nd district.

She is currently a fourth-year student at PUP Sta, Mesa, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in broadcasting. She will graduate later this month. She wants to be a director or part of a production crew for TV shows, documentaries, and movies.  

She was one of the beneficiaries at the leadership camp this month, and she participated in a variety of activities. Dianne is a devoted student who believes in her aspirations and will go to great lengths to make them come true. She is also involved in the Communities Programs as a facilitator and junior helper, and she helps closely with the program’s social worker.

Discover her interview. 

How long have you been a Virlanie Foundation, Inc. and what do you remember about it?    

Since I am in grade 7, it has been 10 years now. With Virlanie Foundation, Inc. I have a lot of wonderful memories. I was able to enroll in seminars and trainings that gave me knowledge and skills in leadership, life skills, and career preparedness thanks to the Virlanie Foundation. But I was also able to become friends with and develop a relationship with my fellow. That makes it easier for me to remain at the Virlanie Foundation longer. Along with the advantage of financial assistance. I am therefore grateful for the Foundation.    

What was your dream job and what do you want to do now?   

My aunt inspired me to become a nurse when I was a child, and that was my dream career. But while I was growing up, I applied to join the broadcast crew in high school, and from that experience I learned about journalism and how to write articles. I made the decision to seek a career in broadcasting since I was able to pursue this job thanks to all of my education. While the ceremony will occur in September, our class ends in July.   

What are you currently studying for?   

I am enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting. I adore how we can make documentary on artists in the music industry for example, who may not have had much exposure but who we support through social media. So it’s beneficial. I absolutely enjoy that about my course. We can also travel to various locations, meet new people, and comprehend events to take film and learn from those encounters.   

Have you a message for Virlanie, sponsors or beneficiaries? 

 I want to express my gratitude to the Virlanie Foundation for aiding me and to my financial sponsors since they have given me the chance to study, learn, and get qualified for the program and job that I want most. 

Sincerely, thank you. 


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