The Rising Youth elected its officers for 2018

Last November 17, 2017, Virlanie’s young adult organization, The Rising Youth (TRY), elected their new officers for 2018. All Virlanie staff, along with the young adults, themselves, voted for their best candidates. The final tabulations were held at the office with the supervision of teachers from Magellan Learning Center. It was a close fight between the two presidential candidates, Rachelle (63 votes) and Lannie (56 votes).


In October, the aspiring candidates were given candidacy forms where they had to state their interest, plans and vision for the organization. Mark, who is the advisor of the organization, interviewed every candidate. Not only their candidacy forms were checked, but also their attitude and leadership skills. Indeed, to be selected to run a campaign, candidates were expected to be able present themselves and their vision in a convincing way in front of a public.

The selected candidates formed two party lists, each with a candidate for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and Income Generating Project (IGP) manager. They ran a one-week campaign in Virlanie’s office and homes. Three new representative positions were also added to the list of officers. They are tasked to represent their Homes–one representative of Ella Yallah home, one of Elizabeth home and one for the special children.


Last year, the Rising Youth were able to develop their leadership skills and got involved in civic activities, reaching out to all beneficiaries of Virlanie Foundation.

Among their major achievements in 2017 is the creation of a speech choir piece, Kamalayan, in January and had the opportunity to present it in various events (She for She, 25th years anniversary of the Foundation, and most recently, to the Congress)

They also conducted and led a series of workshops on climate change and disaster risk prevention in each Virlanie home. They also did a puppet show on this topic for Mobile Unit’s kids. Because of such activities, they gained organizational skills, became autonomous in planning their activities. In organizing workshop and activities in or outside the Foundation, they shared the tasks, listed the needed materials and drafted basic proposals.


They were able to gather necessary funds by saving monthly and collecting waste that they sold at the junkshop. “Whenever I ask them what is the money for, they tell me it’s for their outreach activities”, says Ate Fai, ILP coordinator.


It is very likely that next year’s activities will also aim to reach out in and outside the Foundation.

Next January, the new elected list is expected to undergo leadership training integrating the Sustainable Development Goals in small scale activities. At the end of this training, they will have to come up with a concrete action plan for 2018.

This training will also include a session about peer counseling and emotions management.


It is, indeed, one of the focus points of the new elected list: “I wish first to establish good relationship among all members of the organization”, says Rose Marie, newly elected President.

From all Virlanie family, we wish them a lot of success for the coming year.