The MASAYA Choir on their 3rd Spring Tour in Europe from May 5 to May 27, 2016!

A lot of things have been changing recently for Virlanie’s resident musical ambassadors. First, they have been renamed as “Masaya Choir” which is the Filipino word for happy. Virlanie Foundation seeks to make the choir a household name worldwide, respecting the children’s roots in the Philippines. It also encapsulates the desire of the Foundation to bring happiness back to these children coming from difficult backgrounds. We only have great hopes for the Masaya Choir!


Second, they will be returning to Europe on their 3rd Spring Tour, from May 5 to May 27, 2016! The members of the Masaya Choir are all looking forward to sharing their talents and music to more people with the objective of raising awareness and support for the Foundation’s mission to “bring back the smiles” to street children in the Philippines. Happening this May 2016, the 3rd Spring tour is also the Choir’s first European Tour. They will not only be performing in several cities in France, but will also be looking forward to shows in Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium to visit the other Virlanie networks there. This tour will showcase a completely different show, perhaps the most promising one yet.

European Tour, from May 5 to May 27, 2016!

Under the tutelage of well-respected Choirmaster Ms. Ma. Lourdes Hermo, the musical direction of Masaya Choir is nothing short of world-class. She has been encouraging greater energy and more professionalism from the children on stage, and they have been hard at work in rehearsals in order to ensure an unforgettable tour this 2016.


Ms. Dolly Alejandro, Masaya Choir’s long-time social worker has said that they have five (5) costumes ready just for the upcoming show. “It will really be a big production, and while it presents new challenges for us, we are very happy to know that the standard of excellence is continually being achieved by the children.”


Expect holistic, inspiring, uplifting performances that will not only tickle your ears through the choir’s angelic voices, but also serve to be a delightful visual spectacle.

Without doubt, whether you are an audience member or part of the production, the Masaya Choir musical experience will leave you wanting to leave a lasting positive legacy for generations to come.

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