#ThankYouForTheLove: Virlanie celebrates Social Work Day

In honor of the hard work and perseverance of our social workers in Virlanie in ensuring the holistic development of our children, the foundation celebrated Social Work Day on March 23, 2018 at the SiBuHi Center.

Moreover, the event is as part of the International Social Work Month that revels all of the social workers around the world.

“As social workers, we influence the development of the children by ensuring that their holistic well-being is achieved,” said Ella Yallah Social Worker Julian V. Guillermo.

Virlanie Social Workers from its different programs came to join the celebration namely, Open Day Center Education and Training, Ella Yallah Home, Aime Home, Elizabeth Home, BTH Home, Tanglaw Home, Jade Home, Masaya Home, and the Mobile Unit as led by the Social Services Manager Lanie Fowler.

“In social work, we always say ‘You can make or break someone’s life’. Everything that we will do and say would greatly influence the child because they look at us as their guide and in life. Social workers give second chances to children from the streets and communities who are less supported by the system they lived in,” expressed Mobile Unit Social Worker Marian Quilet who has been working in the foundation for more than a year now.

Social workers will continue to develop and guide the children towards a better future. Just like what HR Manager Junilyn Silvestre said during her opening remarks, “The are the ones who care enough to make the world a better place.”