Ripples: A Training on Parenting the Teen

Ripples: A Training on Parenting the Team


Last April 9-10, 2016, something special happened to the staff who handle the young adults from Virlanie’s Independent Living Program (ILP). They all participated in “Ripples: A Training on Parenting The Teen”. In this 2-day training workshop, house parents, teachers, psychologists, social workers, and supervisors all came together in order to be better trained in approaching or parenting teens or young adults.

“It was an important exercise for the staff,” says Ms. Faidah Cayongcat (ILP Coordinator), “Because then they were able to reflect on what they were like themselves as teenagers, and realized that some of the incidents among our young adults aren’t really something alarming, just something that they’re going through as they discover themselves as young adults.”

Working for a Foundation aiming to alleviate the lives of former street children means that our team needs to have their hearts are in the right place because they will be faced with a lot of difficult situations, struggles, and issues. It also means that they need to learn how to work in cooperation and collaboration.

In Ripples, the staff were able to discover some of the areas of improvement in their work as departments and as a whole. There are still a long way to go, but all the staff are hopeful because of the start of the trainings, and are looking forward for more.

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Independent Living Program aims to empower and support young adults to become self-sustaining and independent individuals, and through the support of the endowment fund Solidarity AccorHotels, fifty (50) young adults are being accompanied towards the road to complete independence.