Quarantine Goals: Virlanie beneficiaries participate in Livelihood Skills Training

The youth of Ella Yallah, home for young boys participated in a Livelihood Skills Training last June 15, 2020. They are taught how to make the Filipino bread called Pan de sal. The livelihood skills training was spearheaded by Teacher Del Abequebel, the Training Lead of the Community Program, and supported by Ms. Rosalinda Pelaris, a fellow Livelihood Trainor, and Teacher Emily Malibago, Virlanie’s Livelihood Coordinator.

“The goal of the activity is to let these youth learn how to make pan de sal, a classic Filipino bread that is particularly eaten for breakfast of in most households,” says Emily Malibago, Livelihood Training Coordinator. “The baking skills they can acquire during the session can help them make their own delicacies in the future,” she added.

Due to the quarantine policies imposed during the pandemic, the participation of children involved are limited and they are divided into several batches. Sometimes, the livelihood team themselves visit the kids to give these trainings. The Masaya Home, home for 7-12 years old; and Aime Home, home for children with special needs also had their cooking sessions that is included in their life skills training.

“Cooking is a life skills. They need to learn this to become an independent individual.” Teacher Emily said.

The Elizabeth Home, the home for young girls also has a different livelihood session, they do sewing training. This way, they can make their own clothes, make their own accessories, and practice making their own fashion designs for clothing.

“We have to make sure that no child is left behind when it comes to learning these skills.” Teacher Emily said.

The Livelihood Skills Training will continue to support the children in the Virlanie Homes as a supplementary course for the children, alongside with the tutorials given by Virlanie In-House teachers to reinforce the educational modules provided by the government to public school students.


Virlanie for Inclusive Education

Give 2 Achieve is the signature campaign of our education pillar. Every year, Virlanie Foundation advocates for Inclusive Education in the Philippines and calls for support to education supporters to come together and help every child learn.

In Virlanie, we make sure that every child can get the proper education they deserve. The pandemic showed how the education system needs to be improved as the academics of the children are deeply affected. Physical classes are discouraged to ensure that students and academic personnel are safe from Covid-19.  Private schools were able to adjust easily with their own contingency plans, and most of their students are adept to skills, and well-equipped with gadgets; however not all children have the privilege and the means to afford the technological resources such as tablets, laptops, and desktop computers to support their educational needs.

By supporting a child’s inclusive education, we can spread awareness that every child deserves to learn regardless of their economic, physical, gender, and locational statuses. As a child, they have the right to receive a good quality education, regardless of their differences.

You can learn more about our Give 2 Achieve campaign soon! You express your support to this advocacy by becoming a sponsor for our Education or Advocacy Pillar, and even through donation.