Music During Pandemic: The Sound of Hope – A Virtual Guitar Tutorial of 3MGives + MusicBox

Staying at home is one of the precautions that we must do to keep ourselves and our families safe from the dreaded virus. With plans being canceled, home visits still discouraged, social gatherings still on pause, and as the long months of being quarantined at home wear on, many of us are finding ourselves having monotonous days.

We have different ways of coping with the new situation. Some find their peace in reading books, binge-watching, gardening, journaling, and a lot more ways that will keep us at ease.

We could make good use of this time to learn something new and discover what we are passionate about. The challenges brought about by the pandemic will never be a hindrance for the children to pursue their desire to learn and hone their skills.

Last October, 3MGives, the primary social investment arm of 3M, in collaboration with MusicBox, held their first Virtual Social Engagement with the Virlanie kids. They have conducted three virtual sessions at our Masaya Home (children ages 7-11), Ella Yalah Home (boys ages 12-19), and Elizabeth Home (girls ages 12-18) on three consecutive Saturdays.

The first Guitar Lesson was held at Masaya Home. The kids are really interested in learning how to play the guitar. However, an internet connection issue was inevitably encountered, but this did not stop the volunteers to continue in teaching the kids.  3MGives and MusicBox thought of an alternative and creative solution, which is to pre-record the video tutorial. The said video was played on Elizabeth and Ella Yala Homes’ Virtual Guitar Tutorial.

After watching the video tutorial, the volunteers from MusicBox entertained their questions, and it got very interactive as it is evident that the Young Adults are all willing to learn. They also taught them how to play the song titled: “Hawak Kamay”  by Yeng Constantino, which they enjoyed playing together. The song also brings a very strong message of resilience, unity, and faith, that despite the hardships that we experience, we should never think that we are alone in this battle. Together, hand-in-hand (though not literally), we could surpass this challenge.

One of the volunteers and founder of MusicBox, Kuya Mike, has donated his personal guitar and 5 capos which the kids could use to practice.

This opportunity will help the kids to unleash their talents and express themselves through music. We believe that music could serve as a powerful tool when we face difficulties.

Virlanie would like to thank 3MGives, and MusicBox for this wonderful time that you have spent with the kids. More than anything, it is the time, love, and care that you gave which truly matters. Thank you for your continuous support, and for believing in them!

You can also book a Virtual Social Engagement with us, and interact with our Virlanie Kids from their homes to yours.