Mint College Collaboration: Craft A Smile by Virlanie

In the year 2016, Virlanie had an initial meeting with Mint College Philippines, a school with a reputation for community and creativity. In its initial meetings, Faculty and Multimedia Art (MMA) Head Ms. Lizza Gutierrez opened the possibility of a partnership between her university students and Virlanie Foundation.

In a stroke of good timing, Virlanie wanted to create a catalog that could be used to pitch their socially-conscious income generating products to corporations. This was a need that the students of Mint College could confidently undertake.


By the time February 2016 rolled in, a group of students have been assigned to be in charge of Virlanie’s design needs for what was then known as the Income Generating Project (IGP).


Ricah Icmat, the group’s leader, has been diligent in communicating and updating Virlanie regarding their list of deliverables.


“I was praying to be assigned under Virlanie,” she enthused, “it’s really important for me to see that my skills in media and the arts can have a direct impact to the children and moms that Virlanie is supporting.”


“We can all learn from partnerships like this,” says Craft A Smile & Masaya Choir Coordinator Najee Chua, “and it’s great to know that colleges are taking the initiative to widen the horizon of their students, to give them a sense of social responsibility even when they’re in school. What a good place to start. We are looking forward to the completion of this project.”

Last April 20, 2016, the designs of the group were turned over officially to Virlanie Foundation after a presentation. With a new name and a new logo at hand, Virlanie’s IGP has been renamed to a more customer-friendly “Craft a Smile”.

Let’s continue to shop for smiles!

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