Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Last November 29 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of 2015’s biggest highlights for Virlanie Foundation. Thanks to the generous support of our friends from Novotel Manila Araneta Center, Virlanie was able to hold a Reunion Dinner for Virlanie graduates while simultaneously launching a program for young adults: the Independent Living Program (ILP).


“I gave what little I had to Virlanie,” opened Virlanie President Dominique Lemay, addressing the current young adults living in the Foundation, volunteers, staff, and valued partners, “…but you have given me so much more.”

Surrounded by their fellow Virlanie alumna, six (6) men and women were chosen to share their success stories with the audience. It became a night of reminiscing and celebration to those who have seen these children (now adults) overcome the tremendous challenges of their young lives. For those who have never met them and who were only hearing their stories for the first time, it was definitely an inspiring experience. Virlanie staff members, particularly, were met face-to-face with the very lives they were changing.

After a sumptuous meal, Deputy Executive Director Ms. Arlyne Fernandez presented the ongoing commitment of the Foundation to provide the best possible support for young adults in empowering them to become self-sustaining, compassionate, and independent.

“You have everything you need here in Virlanie to go out and live a happy life,” said Vice President Laurent Goirand, addressing the current young adults of the Foundation. “And we will continue to be here to support you, so do your best.”

There was an average of 200 people present during Virlanie’s Reunion Dinner.

Copyrights Photos: Marlon Dela Cruz