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Christmas is just around the corner! In Filipino culture, September marks the start of this Holiday season, the longest Christmas season in the world!

This year’s celebration might not be as busy as the past years. Festivities, events such as Christmas parties might not be that grand, and Christmas shopping in malls would be minimal. Exchange gifts, house to house Christmas carols, Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) are some traditions that we surely miss.

With the dreaded Corona Virus still in its grip, how will we be able to still make the Christmas season felt by everyone?

Christmas is about love and giving. COVID will not stop us to feel the spirit of this season. We can make someone smile by letting them know that we care, with a simple phone call, a text message, a Holiday greeting card, or by giving them a little something as a present.

Likhaya is here to offer you gift ideas for your loved ones!

Likhaya is Virlanie’s social entrepreneurship brand. Our goal is to seek out a social impact: to give to street mothers and young adults the capabilities and opportunities for inclusive empowerment, so they can grow, earn, and develop their families, selves, and communities. We aim to make their integration into society successful by providing them a sustainable income and valuable professional experience.

Here are 5 reasons why you have to buy Likhaya products this Christmas!

1. Likhaya is a Gift

With a large variety of gift options: from bags, hand-made jewelries, Christmas ornament, and more; Likhaya products are perfect gifts for Christmas! Not only will you be giving a gift to your loved ones, but you are giving a gift of care and support to the street mothers who handcrafted the items. A part of the gains also supports Virlanie to reduce cost so it can invest in other social programs which not only train the mothers but support their children’s education as well, thus creates social sustainability in the community and their families.


2. Likhaya is environmentally friendly

Since the jewelries are made from upcycled magazines, magazines were repurposed to make fashionable crafts instead of taking up space from landfills. The mother artisans also follow eco-conscious practices. By means of creatively reusing products, we can contribute to environmental sustainability.

3. Likhaya is a form of expression

Each Likhaya item has its own unique story. There is a product that matches every personality! We produce a wide range of bags and jewelries made with unique designs, and the best quality. There is a design that will perfectly match your personality.

4. Likhaya is High Quality

The mothers who crafted the items value each piece, making sure that the products are of the highest quality. They are not mass-produced and are made one by one under their homes’ roofs. The items are also unique from another. The mothers who crafted these have imagined the items from beginning to end. You may think that magazines, the materials that they used are not durable enough, well, they could honestly survive through whatever season you are wearing them; they can even survive the rain!

5. Likhaya is an Art

Crafted with love by the street mothers who are upskilled to learn how to sew and make handmade jewelries, they put so much pride and love to their work making sure that each of their crafts are beautifully done.

Buying handmade products ensures that the traditional craft making are kept alive, and it will give the street mothers the confidence with their craft. Technology and machines can not replace the hands that are creating these masterpieces.

Discover and follow @likhayabyvirlanie for unique Christmas ornaments and gift ideas handcrafted by our Quiapo and Tondo mothers!