Let us count our blessings this year. Happy New Year to everyone!

We are starting 2016 with a grateful heart. On behalf of the children and staff members of Virlanie Foundation, we are extending a big Thank You to those who volunteered their time and skills for the children, those who partnered with us to launch empowering programs, those who gave donations in kind or cash, and those who supported the works of the Foundation in different ways. We are able to do our part because of you.

The people behind Virlanie are all inspired to face the challenges and changes this year because the children always give hope and happiness. Taking care of the children in the Homes and in the communities is also much more rewarding because of people who believe in the advocacy by supporting the programs in big and small ways. The blessings always outnumber the challenges. We are hopeful that this year will bring more blessings and opportunities to protect and empower more children.


May your lives become brightly burning beacons of inspiration this year, for your loved ones and friends. May you find meaningful work for your hands to do, pure joy in your hearts, peace and contentment of mind—this is our wish for you this 2016. Have a splendid year, dear friends!


Copyrights Photos: Najee Chua, Marlon Dela Cruz