LED there be light in Virlanie!

During the first week of June, long-time partner Sofitel Plaza Philippines gave a thoughtful donation to Virlanie Foundation. A group of volunteers donated LED lights and came to install them in both the residential homes and Virlanie Head Office.


Because of this donation, the living quarters of the children are not just properly illuminated, but are also energy efficient and cost-effective. Compared to the traditional incandescent light bulbs, LED (light emitting diodes) are small and consume less electricity, and are much more long-lasting.


With great gratitude to friends like Sofitel, Virlanie Foundation is moving towards complete “green” energy – and will now be able to save more funding for the programs that are dedicated to giving former street children a brighter future.


Thanks for partnering with us!

If you would like to give thoughtful, long-term donations to Virlanie as well, contact [email protected] for our list of needs!