Health Services Program conducts First Aid Training to Virlanie Houseparents and Caregivers

Last October 19, houseparents and caregivers were given a First Aid Training, focusing on infectious diseases, proper handwashing, and treatment of wounds and burns, at Virlanie’s Elizabeth Home.


Led by Dr. Carmen Rodis, Virlanie’s resident physician, and Dr. Grethsel Villarroel, a visiting doctor from Bolivia specializing in emergency medicine and critical care, these trainings are part of Virlanie’s Health Services program to ensure that our residential staff are capable and knowledgeable in the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases.


The Health Services program works both on prevention and care to improve the general well-being of our children. They also monitor nutrition, hygiene, and sanitation of the homes. Their services benefit not only the children in our homes, but also Virlanie staff and volunteers. These also extend to children from our partner communities.


Aside from providing medical care, the program also acknowledges the importance of awareness on healthcare issues by conducting health education sessions for children and staff.


The First Aid Training was one of the many health education sessions conducted by the program.


See how the training went by viewing the photos below:

20181019-First Aid Training