Global Youth Summit: Virlanie Young Adults Represent!

Last February 8, 2016, two (2) young adults named Lovely and Martha*, who act as officers in Virlanie’s Independent Living Program (ILP) were sent as delegates to the Global Youth Summit (Manila). In this gathering, ten thousand (10,000) youth leaders, students, and young professionals gathered from all over Asia for a one-day summit that aims to “inspire, challenge, and educate the world’s future experts”.

Delegates engaged in discussions on topics such as the youth’s role in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and peace-building. For the two (2) young adults under Virlanie’s care, this became an opportunity for them to enhance their leadership skills and meet other young people who dare to make a difference in their communities.


“I really loved the speakers, they were so good, and still so young!” says Lovely. Martha agrees and adds, “We learned some really useful things, and we can apply it as we lead the Young Adult group in the program. It was good to get some new ideas.”

“This was a very inspiring event for our young adults,” says ILP Head Faidah Coyangcat, “and we continue to partner with them in the realization of their dreams – that they indeed have the power to shape and help the world that they live in.”

Independent Living Program aims to empower and support young adults to become self-sustaining and independent individuals, and through the support of the endowment fund Solidarity AccorHotels, fifty (50) young adults are being accompanied towards the road to complete independence.

*not their real names