Forever Grateful: HGS Donation and Former Sponsored child Arvie's story

Last, September 9, 2022, Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) donated cash amounting to PHP 273,895.95, which came from the converted Vacation Leaves and Sick Leaves of their employees and from their ongoing activity called “Craft to Give” wherein they will sell to their employees the paper coasters they have made. This donation aims to continuously support the education of their 14 sponsored children from different programs (Community, Street, and Residential Program). 

 During the small program, we had the opportunity to introduce the beneficiaries from the mobile unit and as well to promote our upcoming campaigns for this year such as Give2Achieve and AVC Campaign.  

 The children enjoyed their visit and experience to HGS and shared that soon they wanted to finish their studies and work in the office.  

Surprisingly, a former mobile unit beneficiary named Arvie is currently working at HGS. This was shared by Kuya Ferdie of Street Program during the visit, and we had an  opportunity to meet him as well.  

Who is Arvie?

In 2006, Arvie entered in Virlanie as Street program beneficiary. He was 6 years old that time, eldest in the family and living in the area of Divisoria. He learned to read, write and speak in English through Virlanie. His education was also supported together with his younger sister while his mother is one of the trainees of Likhaya formerly known as “Income Generation Program (IGP)”.  

After 9 years, they were part of the Balik-Probinsya Program of Virlanie and resided in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. According to him, life is much harder that time as they live on their own. There were times that he went to school without money or food or even an empty stomach. But he never give-up and did side hustles to continuously go to school by being a tutor or assistant of his/her schoolmates in doing their projects and home works.  

Upon graduating from Senior High School, Arvie took the courage to work right away and set aside his College dream to support his family. He was hired in a BPO Company, work for years then recently landed a job in HGS.  

Arvie was a happy and go-to person of his colleagues and has been active in the HGS CSR activities. Moreover, he continuously does volunteer work in Virlanie as a part-time teacher in the Street program during his free time. For him, Virlanie will always be in his heart, and he is forever grateful to the organization for honing him to be a better person and productive member of society.