Likhaya Pop-up Store Opening

For the Virlanie Foundation, Inc., June 27, 2023 will always be remembered as the day Likhaya by Virlanie officially opens. In our community- and street-based programs, our Nanay craftsmen create zero-waste products for our eco-ethical pop-up store, Likhaya. 

Likhaya is a play of two Tagalog words, “Likha” and “Kaya”, which when put together aptly describes how we want our artisans to have – the ability and freedom to create and innovate.

Likhaya is an eco-ethical marketplace that connects socially conscious consumers to sustainable and zero-waste products designed and handcrafted by our Nanay artisans. It embodies the foundation’s commitment to empowering mothers through skill-building and sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The launch event marked a pivotal moment in Virlanie’s journey to uplift the communities and transform lives. With great anticipation, the foundation introduced the Likhaya pop-up store to the public, showcasing its handiwork products and potential to create positive and lasting change.

 The opening of the Likhaya pop-up store was an awe-inspiring event attended by various partners, volunteers, and supporters of the Virlanie Foundation.  


According to the statements of Ms. Nicole Bernabe, “I didn’t expect that the products would be this high quality, and I really admire how the products signify a huge effect on the beneficiaries’ lives.”  

Moreover, Ms. Mercy Pascual from Alstom Philippines Inc., mentioned that the store is unique and empowering for the Nanay artisans. She believes that Likhaya gives them a sense of satisfaction and confidence supporting their families through learning new skills made possible by Virlanie. Virlanie Foundation took the opportunity to showcase the handmade products and the process of artisans through the Likhaya project. 

One of the artisan workers from Rolling Hills expressed, “I am extremely excited and thankful for this opportunity, I hope that Likhaya will grow bigger and give more opportunities to more Nanay artisans to improve their livelihoods and support their families.”  

These stories served as a testament to the power of creation, education, empowerment, and the unwavering dedication of the Virlanie Foundation to uplift the lives of children and their families as well. The project serves as a catalyst for sustainable development, enabling individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty and create a better future for children and their families. 

Become part of the change and visit the Likhaya pop-up Store at 4055 Yague Street, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.