Creating Impact - Be a Virlanie Sponsor

Despite rapid economic growth in recent years, the Philippines is facing poverty and persisting inequalities which disproportionately impact the children: in 2015, 31.4% of children were living below the poverty line (PSA).

As the needs of most of the children, youth, and families in situation of poverty go unaddressed. It is up to non-government organizations (NGOs) to contribute in providing them with appropriate and quality support. Truly improving the lives of children in street situations requires to also focus on the provision of comprehensive services: proper care, development, education, and opportunities to their families to generate incomes. Only a holistic approach and a full range of such specialized services can sustainably help the most disadvantaged children and families overcome their situation and become independent, productive, and responsible members of society.

At the Virlanie Foundation we provide the most disadvantaged children with a caring family environment, opportunities for their healing and development through a multi-disciplinary approach, and in collaboration with all stakeholders, so they can reach their full potential and mainstream to society. Our sponsorship program aims to provide all the fundamental and developmental needs necessary for a child/youth to become life-ready. Your support will primarily be used for their education. Depending on the beneficiary, you will assist other of the needs of our children and youth, such as medical or psychological support. By becoming a Virlanie Sponsor, you are not only making a difference and changing the lives of our beneficiaries in the communities and street, but you are also giving them a hope for their brighter future.

Here are some of the photos from our Sponsors’ visits last December 2022. 

Nicolas, has been supporting Laurie Ann of Masaya Home since 2013. He visited Virlanie with his wife last December 13, to visit Laurie Ann and personally give his Christmas gifts but they didn’t have a chance to see each other because her sponsored child is in school that time, however, Laurie Ann wrote a thank you letter to her sponsor for the gift.

Ms. Therese Ng visited Jerico and Paul last December 2022. She has been a sponsor since 2018. 
Moreover, Ms. Therese Ng is one of the founders of BatangTech, a small organization that has taught technology skills targeting children with limited access since 2018.

Ms. Grace Gervacio has been sponsoring Maru from Masaya Home since 2015. Maru is pleased with her Christmas gift and continued to support to him. She visited Maru last December 19, 2022 together with collective in-kind donations of her friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Noche visited last December 27, 2022. The children were delighted to see the couple and enjoyed the food and gifts donated to them. Mrs. Maria Antonietta Noche has been supporting Aime Home since 2018.

Together, let’s raise the future and create impact to the children in need.