Congrats, Princess! Your hard work paid off!

Virlanie Foundation is truly proud to one of our former beneficiaries, Princess, for passing the October 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers. Princess is a former child of Virlanie Foundation under the Independent Living Program

Who is Princess?

According to Princess, she was admitted in Virlanie at an approximate age of three (3). She got lost in a mall and a concerned citizen brought her to a nearby office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development – Reception Action Center. After 3 months of waiting, nobody came to take her custody hence she was transferred in Virlanie Foundation, Inc. 

While she was in Virlanie, Princess has been actively involved in sports activities and was always competing for track and field. Moreover, she was part of  the SiBuHi Dance Crew and performed in different events inside and outside Virlanie. 

In 2015, Princess transitioned to Independent Living Program while continuing her college education – Bachelor of Secondary Education specializing in Music, Arts and Physical Education. She graduated in 2018 and while preparing for her board exam she found other job to support herself.

Princess is very grateful to Virlanie as she learned a lot from the foundation especially being independent and to help those in need. After she passed the board exam for teachers, she wants to apply in a cruise ship to earn experience, travel the world and build her savings which is intended for her dream house. Then, she will pursue her profession as a school teacher. She also plans to give back to the children in need by supporting Virlanie Foundation, whom she considered a family who gave her the opportunities to enjoy life and be happy despite the challenges.

Photos and content approved by Princess