BPI Employees give back through the Financial Literacy Program

It has been more than a couple of months since the volunteers from the BPI Card Banking Group started conducting Financial Literacy Trainings for the young adults of Virlanie Foundation. From practical concepts of saving and budgeting to the more basic forms of investing, the participants are given the opportunity to adopt new habits that can sustain their journey towards independence. “Even if I’ve heard the lessons before, the interactive games, role playing, and practical tips helped us understand how we can apply them in real life. We really look forward to our sessions with the Ates and Kuyas,” Leodisa shared.


The volunteers are equally thankful for the experience of getting to know our young adults. JC, a marketing specialist at BPI, expressed that “it feels great to be able to share our knowledge to these promising individuals and help them get a better chance in life. Hope our efforts will leave a good mark that in the future, they’ll be able to share and spread the knowledge.”


Taking children off the streets is only the beginning. The long-term challenge is in motivating them to grow into responsible, productive, and self-sufficient adults. Virlanie truly appreciates volunteers who share not only their time, but also their professional expertise. Having people the young adults can look up to further build their confidence in their own skills and hardwork, which leads to better chances at securing a bright future.


BPI’s Financial Literary Program began last August 3 and will conclude on November 9, 2013.


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