Bangon, Bagong Silangan: Uplifting the Community Spirit after Typhoon Ulysses

Typhoon Ulysses struck the Philippines last November 11-12, 2020. Various communities in Manila are badly affected by the typhoon. The effects of the aftermath was also intensified by the releasing of waters from the dams surrounding Metro Manila causing the deep floods within their communities.

The Community Program of Virlanie Foundation, Inc. assessed the situation of Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City to check on the status of the resident beneficiaries. There stood the chaotic effects of the typhoon to the lives of many families, and children.

The Assessment

The Community Program team was able to gather information about the necessary needs of the community. According to Ms. Emma Solasco, RSW, the Community Program Manager, 49 families in Bagong Silangan are affected by flood. Most of them need clothing; home, water, and food supplies to survive their daily living. The Virlanie Community Program team also provided them stress and psychosocial first aid so that they can uplift the burden of the situation of the affected beneficiaries, and help them cope up with their current condition.

The Virlanie Community Center was also raged by the floods and has caused damage to the livelihood equipment like sewing machines, where mothers are trained to gain skills to help them provide for their families.


Bangon, Bagong Silangan Initiative

With the effect that struck to the poor families in Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Virlanie Foundation took the chance to create a drive for the families affected by typhoon Ulysses. The digital vouchers are made available through Lazada app where you can help fundraise for the affected families and help them cope up and face a new day. You check out this link for the online vouchers.

The Community Program team visited once again to Barangay Bagong Silangan to deliver their first batch of relief to the community.

The Virlanie Community Alumni

Virlanie would also like to put emphasis on the efforts made by the Virlanie Community Program Alumni members. They reached out to Emma Solasco, the Community Pillar Manager and expressed their intention to help the relief efforts of the program.

“I am so happy to receive messages from some of our Virlanie Alumni,” said Emma Solasco. “They certainly did not forget us at all. I am so proud of them that Virlanie was able to become part of their lives,” she added.

You can still send your support to the Bagong Silangan community through the following ways: