Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the Philippines has been supporting Virlanie Foundation over the years through grants, employee engagement activities, and other means to promote the Foundation’s cause. As 2013 draws to a close, three noteworthy initiatives underscored both organizations’ shared mission of looking after the welfare of children in need of special protection.

The first quarter kicked off with the approval of the grant by the ADB Staff Community Fund to support Virlanie’s Young Adults Program (YAP). The program aims to prepare and motivate its beneficiaries to become independent, responsible, and productive members of the community. The fund allowed the young adults from our Residential Program to continuously participate in seminars, workshops, and trainings on personality development, leadership, and career counseling; activities that shape their mindset towards securing a future of self-sufficiency.

ADB’s involvement continued as its Office of Admin Services (OAS) chose to spend its volunteer day with the children. From storytelling, puppet making, to cooking lessons, about 50 ADB volunteers took time to prepare interactive learning activities for four Virlanie homes (Drop-In Center, Tanglaw Home, Masaya Home, and Elizabeth Home). The activities concluded as they moved to the Makati Coliseum Function Room to enjoy lunch while the Virlanie Choir serenaded them with their youthful harmony.

To mark the holiday season, Virlanie once again participated in the NGO Bazaar held annually along the busy halls of the ADB complex. This year, Virlanie featured products made by the street mother and young adult beneficiaries from the Open Day Center in Quiapo and from the Mobile Unit in Divisoria. We thank everyone who stopped by our booth and bought most of the products we had in those two days. It truly gives those whose hands meticulously worked on the products more hope for this coming Christmas.

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