Virlanie's Community Program Aral Laro Aliw para sa Bata Culmination Activity

Last, August 19, Virlanie’s Community Program team facilitated ALAB (Aral Laro Aliw para sa Bata) Culmination activity, Hairdressing Training Graduation – Livelihood, and Academic Recognition of all the sponsored children in Quezon City areas, with the assistance of the empowered sponsored youth who served as the hosts for the event. 

ALAB (Aral Laro Aliw para sa Bata) is a two-month session, highlighting and focusing on children’s rights awareness, facilitation of arts activities as one way of self-expression and honing their skills, tutorial sessions, while enjoying at the same time through games and sports activities. 107 children benefited in this project.
Through ALAB, the Social Workers were also able to identify the issues and needs of the children. This is also a way of preparing the children for their face-to-face classes, as there were apparent boost in their self-esteem.
With the guidance of Ms. Emma, and Ms. Cath, the ALAB sessions were facilitated by the sponsored teens / young adults, their way of giving back to their community and fellow younger beneficiaries.
Most of the children’s households have lack of access to adequate food, and they initially went to ALAB sessions for a good meal. These sessions were beneficial as it not only provides nourishment and knowledge to the kids, but it also made a way for them to build camaraderie among other kids.
Child rights awareness is an effective mechanism for the prevention of child abuse and protection of the children through education. It’s also one of the topics of parenting sessions, so both the parents and children will have an understanding regarding their rights.
In the culminating event, the children in different areas in Bagong Silangan: AREA 4, CLEMENTIA, JUBILEE and NEW LIFE, GREENLAND, ISLA PULANG BATO AND AREA 5 prepared a special presentation.
Another part of the event is the awarding of baking and cooking equipment to Bagong Silangan D’liders Bakers.
 20 Rolling Hills mothers completed their 3-months course on hairdressing, in partnership with LGU (Social Services Development Department). They were awarded certificate of completion, livelihood equipment, and supplies for them to kick-start their chosen enterprise. The supplies provided by Virlanie as capital assistance were sponsored by AEM and Consuelo Foundation.
The skills they acquired were haircutting for ladies, haircutting for men, doing hair treatment, hair perming, and hair rebonding, among the others.
The third part of the event is the recognition of the 70 sponsored beneficiaries for their exemplary academic performances.
“The most inevitable problem we’ve encountered during the online class set-up is the internet connection issue. It’s not easy here, but no matter what, we keep on persevering, because education is important for us. I am excited for this coming school year.” Says Antonette, one of the sponsored beneficiaries.