A trip to the Nation’s colorful past

23 August 2014 — Two days before the Nationals Heroes Day, Virlanie Foundation’s Young Adults Program (YAP) brought their students to four historical places in Cavite for an exposure to the Nation’s colorful past.

The young adults visited the Aguinaldo Shrine, St. Mary Magdalene Church, Freedom Park, and the Island Cove. This field trip was also for the students to gain more knowledge about heroism, the actions of a hero, and for them to be able to identify who their heroes are. The tour was sponsored by Inspire Me (IM), a special group of young professionals who advocate for child and youth empowerment.

The Aguinaldo Shrine is known for being the ancestral house of Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine President. It was also the house where the Philippine flag was waved for the first time. St. Mary Magdalene Church is known for the church where Pres. Aguinaldo was baptized, and where his Birth Certificate is reserved on the left side of the altar. Freedom Park is known for its four statues that symbolizes four types of freedom called “the freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of want, and freedom of fear.” Meanwhile, Island Cove is known for being one of the best resorts in the province of Cavite, which was the last stop of the trip.

This exposure trip thrilled the students of YAP and made them realize that they can be a hero in their own little ways.