From Cruising the Street to Cruising the World: Success story of JR and Jordan, former ILP beneficiaries

Jordan, 28, and JR, 25, are previous beneficiaries of the Virlanie Foundation, Inc.  The developmental interventions provided to them helped them become the person they are now. They enjoy coming back and visiting Virlanie to see the staff and children.   

”I thoroughly loved my stay at Virlanie’s home. Virlanie taught me the norms of daily life from the time I was three years old until I became independent. The foundation provided me with an excellent opportunity to become self-sufficient. Today, I would like to thank them for their efforts and for motivating us not to give up” 

Jordan lived in Virlanie from the age of three until he was twenty-one. He learned cooking when he was growing up since it is part of the life skills being taught to all beneficiaries. He went to school to study culinary and even though he did not finish his course, it did not stop him from achieving his dream of becoming a cook. He first worked in a vegan restaurant in Manila and that helped him hone his cooking skills. After a few years, he applied and now working as an assistant cook on a huge cruise ship based in the United States of America.  

Virlanie has a true family atmosphere throughout this time for him. "I remember the morning when the mama woke us up to eat or also when you have a problem at school, they were always there to help". Each home is categorized according to developmental age and house parents or the “mamas and papas” ensure that to be always present to each child’s needs.  
"Virlanie is excellent in providing opportunities; I learned cooking, cleaning, acquired computer skills, and sports here. It would be a joy to return if the occasion arises. Everything about Virlanie is fantastic. For the students now, I want to advise them to try their best, stay in the Foundation, and seize all possibilities that come their way.”   

JR is the most reserved but with a sense of humor. He arrived in Virlanie when he was 12 years old. JR also works on a boat cruise as a waiter.  

Both enjoyed all the benefits and support provided by Virlanie such as shelter where they have their own personal space and a family-like atmosphere, education up to college, tutorial lessons facilitated by staff and volunteers, health services such as dental, psychological, or occupational services. 


When we ask them about their plans, both agreed that they wish to help Virlanie and the beneficiaries in the same way that they have been helped by the Foundation.